Soft –spoken Mercedes Nicole has an intimate and alluring stage presence that reaches out beyond the limits of time and space. Her voice is haunting and arresting, wrapping itself like a comforter around the human experience, encouraging uplift, seeking not only triumph but healing. Leave a comment and let us know about this great artist.

Mercedes’s cross-over appeal is uncanny!  Her fans range from die hard Jazz , Neo Jazz, Blues & R &B to World Music & Gospel fans of all ages & nationalities. 

 Listeners grapple with how to describe her voice- her tone is rich, ethereal, sometimes innocent,  most times like a warm rain.” 

One fan described it as ” so warm I want to wrap myself up inside it and never come out!”

In 2017 Mercedes Nicole was awarded a 2017  Female Composers award by the esteemed Allied Arts Foundation of Seattle.  

“Mercedes focuses more on the authentic emotions behind the song. 

 In short, it’s not “about” her, it’s about the song and the message of the lyrics. This is really what good singing is about, whether it’s jazz, blues, gospel, Latin – whatever – and Mercedes gets it.”

-Randy Halberstadt- Pianist Multi-Award Winner 

Major influences Rachelle Ferrell,  Nina Simone, B.B. King, & Nancy Wilson.

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